Kim Clement’s “Mr. Clark” Prophecy Fulfilled!

You will love this article if you follow Kim Clement’s prophecies. Trey Smith will make a video for this event very soon.

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If you don’t know what I am talking about, continue reading. Kim Clement, in 2013 started talking about one man named Donald and another one Mr. Clark.

If we analyze his words, we’ll conclude that the man Donald was Donald Trump. But, who’s Mr. Clark?
Now we know that too. But, before we tell you who Clark is, watch the video below.

And we have a YouTube backup.


The riddle has been solved! Are you ready to learn who Mr. Clark is?

Well, he’s the person who went on Elijah Streams and also shared one stunning interview. There, he explains that Kim Clement’s Mr. Clark prophecy is becoming a reality and fulfills a 50-year-old “Rhema Bible College” prophecy shared by Kenneth E. Hagin.

Watch the video on Rumble because YouTube banned it.

And you can watch more here:

Can you imagine that even Roger Stone talks about Kim Clement? Could you take a look at what he shared about him?

“Remember the name #KimClement Happy Sunday!”

A couple of weeks ago, Americans didn’t know who Kim Clement was, and now when I saw that Roger Stone writes about him, it shocked me. However, that’s awesome!

If you have heard Clement’s prophecy, you will notice that Trump’s stories have many more parts. At some point in the future, even the mainstream media will agree with Trump’s words. But that hasn’t happened yet.

If you don’t know who Kim Clement is, bear in mind that it’s exciting. The more you hear his prophecies, the more you believe him! He said some things about the future that came true!

Among those things that he predicted was a recent event, a relatively new tape that people hadn’t seen earlier,
It made headlines in 2014, and it’s incredible! I had to share the video with you.

Because YouTube will ban the video, we have a Rumble backup.


And now, you can read the best comments.

In case this info wasn’t enough for you, please watch the video from Trey Smith. You can find most of the details and something more in his recording.

Also, if you don’t know who Trey Smith is, you’re in for a big treat. He speaks about the two Presidents. However, it’s a prophecy for this Moment. According to Smith, in the WH, we” have “pandemonium.” I think that it’s happening at this moment.

Some people don’t know what they are doing. Furthermore, he speaks about David and Goliath, the Robinhood story, etc. But that’s only the first part of the video.

In the second part, Trey speaks about two prophecy videos from Kim Clement that no one has ever seen before.

In addition, Trey speaks about the temporary absence of Trump, which also happened. Also, in the video, you will hear about Spring and fall, about the famous Clement prophecy about new Snowden with “highly embarrassing information.” On God’s prophetic clock, something will happen very soon.

Maybe this is the Miracle Red Sea Moment?

However, we will stop writing about the things in the video, so you hear by yourself.

Now you can read the comments.

The comment about Elon is interesting. He’s crazy, but I hope he’s doing the right thing.

Elon, are you ready to become a legend?


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