KEY PLAYER Drops Out Of Audit

Wake technologies aren’t in the audit anymore!

Wake Technologies left the Arizona Audit and didn’t want to renew its contract in the audit operations.

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Sources say that the situation is linked with their participation in the initial ‘’Stop the steal’’ audits and inquiries from 2020.

However, the audit will move on smoothly because StartTech solutions will now do all the things Wake Technologies did.

The audit won’t stop regardless of the pressure coming from all sides!

At this point, this is what we know. See below.

The Washington Times shared more details on Wake Tech and its decision.

Wake Technology Solutions Inc. was leading the hand-recount part of the audit but decided not to renew its contract, audit officials said Tuesday. The recount is now being led by StratTech Solutions of Scottsdale, an information technology consulting firm that does not list election or auditing experience on its website.

Wake was originally contracted to lead the hand count through May 14, but the process has gone considerably slower than expected, with only about a quarter of the 2.1 million ballots counted by then. The company chose not to renew the contract, said Ken Bennett, who is serving as a liaison for Senate Republicans overseeing the audit. 

StratTech has been working on the audit from the beginning, including recruiting, training, and checking backgrounds, Bennett said. The firm’s involvement had not previously been disclosed.

“They were very familiar with the processes that were under Wake’s direction, and so most of the Wake contract employees will move underneath StratTech’s supervision, and we will continue right on forward,” Bennett said.


The AZ Mirror shared some reasons that contributed to Wake’s departure.

According to records and news coverage from Fulton County, Penn., state senators Doug Mastriano and Judy Ward asked county officials to allow Wake Technology Services Inc. to conduct an audit of the election. Ward, who represents the rural county in south-central Pennsylvania, told the Arizona Mirror that she passed the request on to county officials on Mastriano’s behalf.

Mastriano has been a prominent supporter of the “Stop the Steal” movement and Trump ally. He helped organize a Nov. 25 hearing in Gettysburg where Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuiani and others aired baseless conspiracy theories that Trump lost Pennsylvania through “irregularities and fraud.” He said on Wednesday Trump recently urged him to run for governor.

Wake TSI, an information technology company that has predominantly worked with clients in the health care sector, is now conducting a hand recount of all ballots cast in Maricopa County during the 2020 presidential election as part of an audit ordered by the Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, R-Prescott. The company is part of an audit team led by Cyber Ninjas, a cybersecurity company located in Florida. Fann and Cyber Ninjas cited Wake TSI’s experience in Fulton County as a qualification to participate in the Maricopa County audit.

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