Kayleigh McEnany’s Sister Posts Jaw-Dropping Video Of Trump’s AL Rally With Brutal Message For Dems

Kayleigh’s sister Ryan is mocking the Democrats, and she is so good at it!

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If you believe that McEnany is among the most beautiful Trump supporters, you have to see Ryan.

She is following her sister’s footsteps. She is intelligent, passionate, patriotic, etc. Also, Ryan got a Brutal message for the Dems:


She stated precisely that in a video clip from Trump’s rally, filming the crowd that is so huge and we can’t see the end!

It was amazing!

See below:

Take a look at the crowd.

Scavino always shares the best clips and pictures from Trump’s rallies, and he did the same now:

A classic Trump supporter, and a definitive Trump statement:

MTG was there, and Trump welcomed her!

WE LOVE YOU were the words chanted by the crowd to Trump! He sacrifices so much for this country and Americans.

My favorite part.

You also have to see this. Spot the engagement difference for Biden and Trump. More than 174K is watching Trump’s rally, contrary to the 29K watching Biden’s speech on Afghanistan!

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