Karma Stomps Megan Rapinoe And US Soccer Team Right After They Took Knee At Olympic Opener

Who is laughing now?

Well, we loved the Olympics. Millions of people watched top athletes compete for their gold.

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We’d watch it from start to finish and root for our country. The Olympics was a competition filled with joy, patriotism, and friendship.

It’s all messed up now.

“Activist athletes” are trying their best to earn a spot on US teams just to trash our country. How many people are watching it anyway?

These selfish people travel across the ocean just to humiliate our ancestors. They go there to disrespect our nation and our flag. They take a knee during The Star-Spangled Banner!

Real Americans would never root for them to win. Most people would root for them to fail. We would never support this bunch of disrespectful people.

This leads us all the way to the “woke” US women’s soccer team.

Anti-American hater Megan Rapinoe was served with a nice portion of Karma. Oh it was a good blow!

Right after Megan and her squad took a knee to protest “racism,” they lost the match to Sweden.

According to USA Today, instead of getting revenge for the “thing” at the Rio Olympics, American women got humiliated.

The reigning World Cup champions were outperformed by Swedish football players in the opener at the Olympics. The 3-0 loss could have been much worse. US got outplayed and this is what they deserve.

This was the worst performance at a major international competition since the 4-0 loss to Brazil in the semifinals of the 2007 World Cup. This was their first loss since January 2019. It ended a 44-win streak.

This only good thing is that this was not a knockout game. The top two finishers in each group can actually advance. US athletes have to get in gear, otherwise they will come home too early.

We don’t really care. Americans won’t watch Rapinoe humiliate us again. Taking a knee during the anthem at an international tournament is so pathetic.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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