Karma Finally Catches Up to Alaska NeverTrumper Lisa Murkowski

We just love Karma, don’t we?

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, the two so-called “Republicans”, were always there to fail the party and destroy everything, when President Trump was in office, during the second sham impeachment, and whenever anything came up where we needed all GOP hands on deck.

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This little hate group always found a third sidekick going along with them to create the trifecta of globalist traitors – either Jeff Flake or Mitt Romney.

Yet, these two women were the most successful in doing damage to the America First agenda.

What’s even more strange, these traitors kept winning the elections!

However, the latest traitor move, the one voting to impeach Trump, might finally punish Murkowski for everything she has done so far!

I don’t believe she will be re-elected in 2022 after this!

Her political career is coming to an end!

Lisa was just censured by the Republican Party in Alaska and basically rebuked as a troublemaker whose actions have taken attention away from all the good that President Trump did for Alaska.

According to Big League Politics :

“There’s a number of issues that the party has had with Sen. Murkowski for the last several years which really culminated in the conviction vote of former President Trump,” said Kris Warren, the author of the resolution.

Murkowski had also voted against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, giving credence to baseless allegations of sexual assault unsubstantiated by evidence. The Alaska Senator has recently called for Trump’s influence to be purged from the GOP.

“She’s repeatedly spoken out against President Trump over the years in spite of all the great accomplishments he had that helped the country and certainly helped Alaska,” Warren said.

Conservative firebrand Sarah Palin has suggested she’d consider a primary challenge against Murkowski after the latter tried to dismiss President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in October. Palin would prove a formidable candidate, and could conceivably outpoll Murkowski as soon as she enters the race, having previously served Alaska as Governor before being nominated for Vice President in 2008.”

Plus, President Trump has vowed to actually go to Alaska and campaign against Murkowski!

We keep our fingers crossed!

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Source: www.peoplealwayswin.com

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