Kamala’s Awkward Yellow School Bus Speech, Asks For Applause & The Result Is Completely Embarrassing [VIDEOS]

This woman has no limits

Kamala Harris is a walking disaster and Americans are fed up with her. Harris is the last person to represent our country. She is a jealous lady who tried to steal Joe Biden’s spot in the White House. Oh, wait, she is much worse than that.

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Harris and Biden should never ever take the stage and hold a speech. Their comments are both disgusting and disturbing.

Something awkward happened when Harris started talking about electric school busses. Well, an even worse thing happened in December.

Check this video on Rumble.

Is Harris the right person to discuss electric vehicles?

“And so I think about this subject of our yellow school buses in that regard. Because think about it, yellow school buses are our nation’s largest form of mass transit. How about that? Every day? So yes, and let’s applaud cuz it gets them where they need to go. (Cackles in awkward) And every day, then think about this in terms of the numbers. Every day in our country, more than 25 million children ride to and from school on our nation’s fleet of school buses. Every day.” – Kamala Harris

Watch this video on Rumble.

Americans are shocked. Here’s what they said on social media:

“She’s like the Aunt that’s always drunk and never invited to formal gatherings because of it.”

“Please, please, please, please CLAP…somebody f**ing clap.” 

“My goodness, this high-ranking woman in politics is truly not ok!!!!!”

“Thank God she cleared up the mystery of what the big rolling objects loaded with children outside of schools are……as well as educating us on the color of these objects! and what purpose they serve…. NOW we are really getting somewhere in this country!”

“Has anybody at the White House proposed not allowing Kamala to speak anymore, ever? “

“I hope that speech wasn’t given on an upper floor. That poor captive audience and the one medicated individual who clapped out of sheer terror.”

“Wow…just wow. This woman’s intellect and insight into the issues facing America are AMAZING. Said no one.”

“Never seen a VP laugh so much when she is talking down to a third grade level like that is as high a level of communication as she can go. What a disgrace.”

“Anyone notice that she just had a JEB! ‘Please clap’ moment??LOL” 

“The incompetence, awkwardness, and cluelessness are just staggering.”

“Wow, she’s really on The cutting edge of what is going on in America. This is what they have the Vice president of America doing.”

“That one guy clapped for busses hahaha” 

“She has convinced herself that every word she utters is on par with Martin Luther King.”

“For a few minutes, the press told us, Joe stuttered, that whopper went away about as fast our low gas prices after the swearing-in of Biden. Now here is a woman that repeats the same words over and again, not quite a stutter, but truly not a genius either.”

“She is one of the deepest thinkers in this administration. You can see the vast knowledge of subjects articulated in her speeches.”

“It’s like someone took 160lbs of cringe, shaped it into the form of a human female, then shoved it in front of a camera & made it talk.”

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