Kamala Harris Ignores Border Crisis, Instead Buys Cake In Chicago

Our Vice President Kamala Harris has to help Biden solve the country’s problems, especially the border crisis. But, Harris is too occupied with her dessert, so she can’t move her finger to find a solution to the U.S.-Mexico border crisis.

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On March 24, Biden handed this problem to Harris, but our Vice President hasn’t visited the border from then until today. Also, she hasn’t held a press conference for two weeks.

If my opinion matters, Kamala Harris should have made a quick detour while staying in California to celebrate Easter. Another option is here, and she could have skipped her trip to Oakland linked to the new infrastructure bill.

But no, Kamala Harris, our vice president, decided to visit Brown Sugar Bakery on the South Side of Chicago to hobnob with her business partners and local politicians despite all the possible options.

While the poor migrant children are at the migrant facilities at the border, folded with blankets, fill up beyond capacity, Harris is enjoying her piece of German chocolate cake. Talk to me about equality…

WLS-TV declared that Harris accompanied the state’s Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Fox. The bakery is on the list of small businesses Harris would like to pay a visit to.

“She could have went a million other places, but she came here, and I’m grateful for that,” –Tyera Adugba, an employee, said the network.

What Adugba stated is accurate, but it’s not good! Kamala Harris could have visited the Delphi Emergency Intake Site in Donna, Texas, and see all the facilities which are overcrowded at 1700% pandemic capacity.

Moreover, she could have visited Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, and see its condition. In that facility, 3000 other children will come.

However, Harris could also see some snap from the border crossing, where numerous illegal immigrants and rapists are, at least that much the border officers could catch.

At least, she could have held one press conference, laying out her agenda for addressing the border situation.

But no, no, the crew is in the bakery, so she must be there too. We aren’t saying that it is wrong that she bought a piece of cake or met some friends. The bad thing here is that she isn’t doing anything to fix at least one problem in our country.

Doug Ducey, Arizona’s Republican Governor, categorized Harris as the worst possible choice.

“In no point in her career has she given any indication that she considers the border a problem or a serious threat,” – Ducey stated.

But, if you can recall her statement from some time ago when Harris said that the situation wouldn’t be solved overnight, she was right. Also, Kamala isn’t doing anything, and I cannot predict any future progress.

I think that the truth is that Kamala doesn’t even care about the crisis because that is part of the left’s policy and view of illegal immigration.

Radical Democrats adore the illegal immigrants because they are their future voters! Everything has a purpose. Harris hasn’t moved her little finger to do anything about the alarming situation at the U.S. –Mexico border because the immigrants are a means to an end.

The U.S. welcomes the illegal immigrants, and the Democrats promise them the world!

Like all other Radical Dems, Harris won’t show any reaction regarding this issue because they see potential voters in the poor immigrants. Precisely this population the left can target with their handouts and goodies.

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