Just When You Think TX Dems Can’t Get Stupider, They Sing “We Shall Overcome” Off Key, On Live TV

Somebody please hand these Democrats a bucket so they can try and carry a tune

The Democrats from Texas want you to believe that they’re a persecuted bunch.

You heard it, the group of Karens that just arrived at some luxurious hotel in Washington on a private jet, smiling, with cases of beer, want you to give the impression that they’re oppressed martyrs … modern-day “slaves” to the cause.

They ran from Texas to avoid voting on an election integrity law that includes voter ID, something the enormous majority of American citizens want to be enacted.

What a bunch of heroes.

The group landed in the DC swamp, where they belong in fact, and quickly got to work on their PR stunt – and I got to admit – they took it to a level of cringe I never thought could be achieved.

Texas Democrats gathered on the steps of Capitol Hill, to pat themselves on the back for flying in a private jet and slamming back beers.

And like it wasn’t embarrassing enough, they broke into an unprepared and very out-of-tune interpretation of “We Shall Overcome.”

It’s so terrible and so cringy, it makes me laugh all the time, even when I’m writing this … You’ve got to hear this rubbish.

Check out the video below:

What on Earth is this? These people have no self-awareness at all!

Honestly, if Republicans did some embarrassing attempt like this one – singing like “slaves” on the Capitol steps, I’d be so ashamed I would not be able to get out of my house.

However, these fools don’t have a clue how stupid they look.



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