Just In: Republicans Have Gained Another Seat In The House

After a three-month legal battle, Republicans gained another seat in the House- Claudia Tenney defeated Brindisi

The long drawn out election race for New York’s 22nd Congressional seat came to a resolution. Republican Claudia Tenney defeated her opponent Democrat Anthony Brindisi.

After more than three months, with her mere 109-vote lead, a New York judge decided that she won the election.

The long duration of the election was a result of the fact that more than a thousand voters were not counted towards Anthony Brindisi as they were cast by unregistered voters.

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Ms. Tenney stated:

“I’m honored to have won this race. It was a hard-fought campaign and I thank Anthony Brindisi for his service. Now that every legal vote has been counted, it’s time for the results to be certified.”

Fox News reported the victory:

“After more than three months since the November election and dozens of days in court, former Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney is headed back to Congress.

A New York State supreme court justice ruled on Friday that Oneida County and the State Board of Elections can certify its final results for New York’s 22nd Congressional Race, which has Tenney up by 109 votes over Democratic incumbent Rep. Anthony Brindisi.

While there are likely legal challenges ahead – Brindisi’s lawyers are appealing the ruling to the Appellate Division, saying certification should be paused until after a hand count – the decision means Tenney will be seated in House of Representatives.

Tenney took to Twitter to write “after 94 days of hard-fought election process, I am grateful to the voters and supporters for having once again the privilege of serving our community in the House of Representatives.”

The story was reported by The Hill as well:

“New York Republican Claudia Tenney will be certified as the winner in the race to represent the state’s 22nd Congressional District, according to a ruling from the state Supreme Court on Friday.

The decision by State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte ordering counties and the state elections board to certify her victory ends a three-month legal battle with another House flip for Republicans, whittling the Democratic majority to 221-212. Tenney will unseat first-term Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D).

DelConte panned local elections boards for “systemic violations of state and federal election law,” including the Oneida County’s failure to process more than 2,400 voter applications. However, the judge ruled it is not the court’s job to rectify those errors.”

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Source: www.nytimes.com

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