JUST IN: Associate Indicted In Gaetz Scandal Cooperating With DOJ

Matt Gaetz is in trouble

Joel Greenberg, a former Florida tax collector indicted in the DOJ’s probe into alleged sex crimes will work with federal authorities. Some of the scandals also include Gaetz.

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Greenberg is cooperating with authorities and has already told investigators that he and Gaetz met with women who were offered money or gifts in exchange for “special services.” The information was confirmed by two sources familiar with the scandal who talked to The New York Times.

The sources revealed that Greenberg has had multiple encounters with investigators. He decided to cooperate with federal authorities after they showed him the undeniable evidence against him.

Greenberg was first indicted in June. He was hit with multiple counts, including sex trafficking of a minor and corruption.

The former county official became one of the most hated men in the state following recent reports. Federal authorities are also looking at whether Gaetz was involved in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old. Did he violate sex trafficking laws and offered money in exchange for sexual services? Women were recruited online, you know. Someone has to go to jail for what they did.

Several news outlets reported that Greenberg’s attorneys said in court that he will probably agree to a plea deal with federal investigators.

Gaetz denies the allegations. Sunday’s CNN report reveals that aides to Donald Trump had turned down a meeting request from Gaetz after the initial news broke.

When asked about the federal investigation Tuesday, Gaetz slammed CNN reporter Manu Raju, saying that the network started off a campaign “to propagandize lies against” him.

“I wrote an essay on that in the Washington Examiner. You guys should check it out,” Gaetz said as he descended the steps of the Capitol. He referred to an opinion piece last week. Gaetz wrote that “the swamp is out to drown me with false charges.”

Gaetz spokesperson Harlan Hill responded to Times’ report.

“Congressman Gaetz has never paid for sex,” adding that Greenberg “has been trying to ensnare innocent people in his troubles for quite some time.”

People have been calling for Gaetz to resign following the allegations against him. However, he doesn’t even think of stepping down.

The House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into Gaetz over recent allegations of illegal substance use and sharing nudes of young women with his colleagues.

Gaetz denied the stories and brought two NY defense attorneys as his representation in the DOJ probe.

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Source: The Hill


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