John Walsh Says, Based On Tips His Show’s Received, Brian Laundrie Is In One Of These Three Places

A bone-chilling theory!

John Walsh believes that the officials are seeking in the wrong places for Brian Laundrie, the person of interest for the deaths of the influencer Gabby Petito.

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The police officers and the FBI agents are looking throughout the Florida woods, but Walsh thinks that the boy is further away, and his parents helped him get there.

News Nation Now shared that after getting 500 tips from viewers, Walsh, the host of ‘’In Pursuit With John Walsh’’, stated he had formed a list of possible locations of Brian Laundrie.

“We had at least three times more phone calls than we’ve had on any fugitive,” Walsh said.
Walsh helped the authorities to find 26 fugitives and save eight missing children. Also, he covered the investigation of the young influencer Gabby Petito.

“We haven’t had this much attention since Elizabeth Smart,” Walsh said.

According to the tips he received, Walsh shared the possible locations of Laundrie: Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Appalachian Trail.

He stated that the parents of the fugitive drove him Northwest through Florida Panhandle towards Mexico.

“I think they bought this guy nine days,” Walsh said. “He had a big head start, so I say now with all the chaos at the border — I caught 45 guys in Mexico — they drove him north, over the Panhandle.”
He added that according to some tips, Laudrie was seen in Freeport in the Bahamas.

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