John McAfee Leaked A Video Of John Podesta! Viewer Discretion Is Advised Since The Content Is Disturbing

Let’s get physical!

Sort of.

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Podesta and a young person are featured in a short and blurred video. You will see each type of abuse…

This video covers pretty much anything related to child trafficking, satanic child abuse, human trafficking, forced prostitution, forced labor, and heredity enslavement. We have seen examples of these horrors in every part of this planet. Will this ever come to an end?

Now is the perfect time to ask yourself the following question. Are you a voluntary slave to the system?

What is your daily routine? You probably wake up at 6 or 7 in the morning. Breakfast, drive to the office, then go back home, check out your family and go to sleep. Yes, this is your routine, right?

Maybe it’s time to break the cycle and do something about your life. You need to do things differently. You need to take care of yourself and your family. Things need to take a better turn for everyone else. The situation in this country is out of control and Joe Biden will keep doing his thing unless you stop him.

It’s time to protest against all the wrong things in this nation. No, we are not talking about violence. You won’t do the same as Black Lives Matter and Antifa warriors. They are violent freaks who only live to destroy private properties and kill other people. Innocent people. Donald Trump’s supporters are losing their lives for nothing.

We need more eye-opening videos s we can do the right thing for this country. We deserve a better life. Safety needs to be priority. Will you take matters in your hands?

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Source: The True Defender

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