John Kerry Blames Frigid Temperatures and Record Cold on Global Warming, Says We have 9 Years Left to Save the Planet (VIDEO)

John Kerry made a shocking statement on global warming

Joe Biden’s Special Climate Envoy believes the winter weather we are seeing is a direct result of global warming.

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Kerry loves flying on private jets. He is a proud owner of a mega yacht and luxury mansions. According to him, we have 9 years left to save our planet from a major catastrophe.

The US President re-joined the Paris Climate Accord on Friday and Kerry says it’s not as aggressive as it needs to be. Kerry said “global warming” is now “global weirding” because he couldn’t explain the catastrophe in Texas.

Kerry is so worried about “man-made global warming” that he flew in a private jet to accept his climate award in Iceland. Why was he flying in a private jet? It was “the only choice for someone like me.”

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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