John Durham’s New Bold Move On Russian Probe

Another shocker

John Durham is hiding at an unknown location, but he is well informed about pretty much every relevant issue in the country. That is the only explanation for his most recent move related to the Russian probe.

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Durham has been bragging about the “Steel dossier.” According to him, it’s an important document, filled with valuable info.

The Daily Caller reported the full statement:

“Federal prosecutor John Durham recently subpoenaed a prominent foreign policy think tank as part of his investigation into the Steele dossier, the New York Times reported Monday.”

The New York Times reported that Durham subpoenaed the Brookings Institution for information linked to Igor Danchenko. The latter is a former analyst at the “think tank” and he was the top source for Christopher Steele.

This leads us all the way to a question asked by former President Donald Trump.

“Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?” he asked on March 26.

Forbes covered the topic, too.

“According to Brookings, its mission is to ‘conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level.’ Brookings says it values the independence of its scholars and prides itself on ‘open-minded’ inquiry.

Yet, public spending records captured by our organization at tell a somewhat different story. Rather than focusing on ‘open-minded’ inquiry, Brookings seems swayed by ‘open-wallet’ inquiry. In many cases, Brookings doesn’t resemble a think tank, but a jukebox – add a little coin and Brookings will play your tune, if the price is right.

And these aren’t just dollars provided by private donors — these are your tax dollars funding partisan advocacy projects and papers.

Since 2008, Brookings amassed nearly $20 million in contracts and grants from 50 agencies – including the Obama Administration’s Office of the President. Despite assets of $496 million (IRS990, FY2014), our audit shows it was not enough. Brookings instituted an aggressive strategy to pursue federal business over the past nine years.”

The Brookings has been working for over a century. It’s well-embedded in our society.

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