Joe’s Worst Hour: The New Photo of Jill and Biden With Queen Elizabeth Shocked Americans

The G7 summit becomes Biden’s nightmare!

If you thought ( and hoped) that his “first” press conference was the worst performance ever, you were unfortunately wrong!

Now, Biden managed to top it, and he made America look weak and ridiculous in the eyes of the entire world- once again!

He was recorded aimlessly wandering around a random cafe until Jill “rescued” him, he kept making blunders all the time, and his confusion has made a group of world leaders bust out in awkward nervous laughter.

This man looks feeble, old, shaky, and senile, no matter how hard his Handlers try to make him appear  “cool.”

Plus, they even stuck a pair of sunglasses on him when he and Jill went to meet the Queen!

He did not take his sunglasses off in a potential breach of royal protocol.


This is just silly and out of place!

No, he is not a hipster nor a youngster- come on!

The following photo is the one causing all the buzz:

Take a look at some of the comments:

 “Is… Is he indoors as well? They’re really trying to push the “I’m a cool, hip president because aviators, fellow kids” thing still?”

“This looks so stupid. Why would they put him in those sunglasses?

“His masters are really trying to make those sunglasses his trademark lol ”

“Joe looks like the blind guy at the nursing home”

“He should have been wearing those “Groucho glasses” way more fitting”

“PR people actually think those sunglasses make him look young lmao”

“He wears them so they can’t see he is dead inside. The lights are on, but no one is home. No one has been home for a while now.”

“He’s wearing them because his pupils are dilated from the Adderall.”

“Remarkable woman, performing her duty. Which very often is to keep up appearances and pretend it’s not a clown world.”

“Jill looks relaxed doesn’t she LOL”

“What’s with that bandaid on Jill’s leg. Why isn’t she wearing hosiery to cover those legs?”

“Jill could definitely use some hosiery. Just saying.”

“One doesn’t stand on Her Majesty’s right, does one?”

“Jill’s feet and legs look horrible! I wonder if she is using Michelle Obama’s stylist? Ewwwwww”

“Jill’s feet look like Joe’s hands.”

This looks so unnatural, just because these two people should not be at the scene in the first place.

They are not comfortable in their own skin, because they know it too.

Oh, now the entire world knows it too.


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