Joe Biden Threatens CIVILS – Their Lives Are In DANGER!

Joe Biden is a death penalty!

Middle Easterns did the only thing they thought would protect them from Joe Biden. Poor people turned their doorposts into transgender flags.

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“Please, O Angel of Death, pass us by!” cried one man as Predator drones flew by, raining the wrath of Biden from above. “I support your social justice causes, see? You can pass right on by! No problems with you here! We love you, President Biden! So proud to be bombed by a female vice president of color for the first time! Historic!”

The man heard a missile and had to run for cover.

Biden’s administration programmed drones to ignore houses that “display the right social justice slogans.” This includes transgender flags, Biden-Harris signs, and pretty much everything related to leftist altruisms. Warning drones flew over people right before the strike. Citizens were warned and started panicking. Some of them painted their doors pink, white, and blue. Here comes the worst part… A sacrifice of a firstborn straight child is also an option.

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Source: The Babylon Bee


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