Jim Jordan Asks The One Question That Could End Fauci’s Career Then Lists Off Wrong Answers [VIDEO]

Anthony Fauci is not a real expert

We all know this. Joe Biden decided to trust him because they play a big role in the movie.

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Fraudci tries to plant fear in each and every American. He wants people to obey his rules. No, we won’t take part in your play!

They gave us lockdowns, mandates, concentration camps, deadly jabs, etc.

In the Senate hearing, Fraudci got into a debate with Senator Rand Paul. The so-called expert didn’t admit a thing and he even tried to act all cool and innocent. No, he is not a victim in this case.

Congressman Jim Jordan used one simple sentence to discredit Fraudci.

The Congressman went on Fox News and slammed Fauci’s juvenile tactics to shut down scientists.

Watch the video on Rumble.

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Source: Red Voice Media

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