Japan SUSPENDS 1.6 Million Doses Of The Moderna Vaccine

Someone won’t get away with this

Companies rushed unapproved vaccines to the market and governments forced people to take the jab.

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Why did they do this?


The Big-Pharma planted fear among people warning everyone that the deadly virus will kill them. The multi-national drug conglomerates rushed vaccines because they are cowards. Their plan won’t work.

Some countries decided to go against the ill practice and suspended some of the vaccines. Japan is one of these country.

The Epoch Times reported:

Takeda Pharmaceutical, a Japanese drugmaker distributing the Moderna vaccines in Japan, had received reports of contamination from multiple vaccination sites. The health ministry subsequently learned about the matter on Aug. 25, reported the outlet.

A ministry official was reported by Nikkei Asia as saying, “It’s a substance that reacts to magnets … it could be metal.”

The reports of contamination involve a batch that has a total of 565,400 doses. The ministry said that it decided to suspend the lot as a precaution after it consulted with Takeda. It also suspended another two batches.

The three batches altogether contain 1.63 million vaccine doses, which have been distributed to 863 vaccination centers across the country. The ministry will request the centers not to use them.

The New York Post made a good point:

The health ministry and Takeda did not give details on the type of contamination or if the doses in question may have been distributed outside Japan.

The Moderna vaccine problem came just as Japan struggles with surging infections, with daily new cases hitting new highs in many parts of the country and severely straining the health care system.

Japan relies entirely on foreign-developed vaccines by Moderna, as well as Pfizer Inc. and AstraZeneca. Moderna has been since mid-June at large-scale centers and workplace inoculations and has helped speed up Japan’s rollout.

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