James Woods’s Tweet About The Taliban “Freely Tweeting” While Trump Remains Silent Has Gone Viral

They won’t let him speak

The leader of a terrorist organization is known for his deadly plans and ideas. This man kills people and abuses women. So, why does he enjoy large social media presence? Donald Trump received a different treatment.

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The situation seems to be getting out of control.

I guess we are doomed at this point. We are living in an “upside-down world.”

Here’s what former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill wrote on Twitter:

“Do I have this correct?” Our border is wide open, China’s biological weapons are on the rise, we shut our pipelines but opened Russia’s, the Taliban is back in power, police are being defunded, and people with penises are women.”

It’s irrational.

This makes us believe that these so-called experts are nothing but crackpots who have lost grip. Woke much?

James Woods said the same thing. He talked about the same “clown world” logic of having terrorists online but silencing a former President of the United States.

Woods made an excellent point. This is horrible!

The Big Tech banned Trump from social media. His accounts were deleted. Liberals did the impossible to stop him from reaching out to his supporters.

Woke athletes blasted our country during the Olympics. NFL players take a knee during the anthem. Some people disrespect the country just because they are supported by the far left.

Here’s the best question we’d like to ask… Will you let these people control you? Now is the perfect time to act and do the right thing for this country. America needs you.

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Source: The True Defender

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