It’s Time To Decertify Arizona’s 2020 Election Results

Arizona report found 57.734 ballots with severe issues. It is more than the number of ballots needed to overturn the results, meaning that the results must be decertified.

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Shortly said, Biden cheated, and the AZ audit confirmed it.

Illegal votes were cast, and the ballot’s hand recount doesn’t matter because the illegal votes were cast! The most crucial information was erased from the voting systems.

Voting systems were linked to the net and remotely accessed, Ben Cotton’s stated. Maricopa County withholds the crucial information, routes, and other tokes from AZ’s State Senate and auditors, and now we know why.

Those who saw the hearing know that the results must be decertified, and the US states must perform audits.

See below what people commented.

Becker News reported:

The official Arizona Senate election audit report is in – and Trump supporters are calling for the state’s 2020 election to be ‘decertified.’ The results showed “57,734 ballots with serious issues were identified.” If those ballots were not counted, that would be far beyond the margin of victory needed to overturn the results of the election. The independent auditors recommended that “the election should not be certified.”

In addition, there were more disturbing findings, according to Cyber Ninjas: A Dominion technician allegedly deleted all of the log files a day before the audit began, while other security lapses abounded.

The Gateway Pundit also covered the story:

Patrick Byrne held a quick pre-release presser on a conference call before the results of the Arizona audit were released. He claimed to have a more recent draft of the report summarizing the results of the audit.

In the call, Byrne reported that the Executive Summary of the report shows that around 57,000 issues were identified in Arizona that are included in the report. The result of these issues lead to this line being included in the Executive Summary which states “Based on the audit the results of the 2020 election in Arizona should never have been certified”

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