It’s Happening….2020 Election Audit Dominoes Are Falling….Hard

We are definitely playing DOMINO! And they are falling one by one!

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As you know, the AZ audit is going smoothly!

How do we know that? Well, the Dems are panicking.

That means we are doing something right! Also, according to the leaked evidence, the auditors uncovered some illegal stuff.

John Cardillo, a Conservative pundit, immediately shared the details that he got from one Dem donor linked to the AZ audit.

“Had a prominent Dem donor and fundraiser tell me yesterday. Have to admit, Arizona looks bad. Not sure how we spin that one.”

Democrats are panicking! Together with the media, they will play it off like it represents a “Republican-led partisan witch hunt.” However, people are aware of what the Democrats did in the 2020 election, and the Big Lie will be uncovered very soon!

All the members involved in the illegal act will pay the price. Among those criminals for sure are Liz Cheney, Kevin McCarthy, and many other GOP establishment hacks.

When we are writing about the audits, I have to say that the audit dominoes are falling hard, and all the illegal acts will surface!

Emerald Robinson reported that Wisconsin voted to audit and analyze/ investigate the 2020 election!!!

It is scheduled to start very soon, and it’s supposed to end by the end of fall 2021.

We have to insist on Michigan and Pennsylvania to do the same thing and investigate the results of the 2020 election!

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Source: waynedupree.com

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