It Is NOT Misinformation That Is Creating Vaccine Hesitancy, It Is Actually Accurate Information!

The government and the press shared incorrect and incomplete information on a multitude of previous things.
Dems and the media shared that the vaccine hesitancy was because of the Republicans, Trump supporters. Why the educated leader can’t accept and understand: “Why would anyone who had the disease get a shot of a vaccine still under “emergency” release?”

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Why would medical officials push the immune to get the job? Why would the universities with intelligent people mandate shots for the incoming students when they have the needed immunity?

Rochelle R. Walensky, MD CDC’s director and the ninth Administrator of the Agency for toxic substances and disease registry, shared that many COVID problems were due to racism.

Fauci has been shown by emails that he is a liar who participated in a cover-up of his approval of US taxpayer funding of weaponization of coronaviruses at the CCP Wuhan Lab.

He even dictated the cover-up.

We have awoken CDC and an inadequate chief medical advisor with a left-controlled administration.
The DOJ and FBI are very corrupted, but we still have honorable men like Rudy Giuliani, Michael Flynn, and Dinesh D’Souza.

Americans know that they have a president with dementia, a layer! However, the mainstream media are always blaming Trump and his supporters for our country’s violence and bad decisions.

They would invent a scenario that fits their story and serve the audience. They even attempt to argue with the indoctrinated, and that’s nonsense.

According to the mainstream media, we who don’t support the vaccines are anti-vaxxsers because we don’t want to get injected with the vaccine for a virus that has 99% survivability. They have to invent a story and spin it as they wish.

The misinformation isn’t creating vaccine hesitancy, but the correct information!

What Fauci and the CDC promote and change their story constantly concerns the Americans.
Concerns the fact that people under 60 and healthy won’t face severe problems with the virus, and if that is true, why people should get vaccinated.

The accurate information is that we have never had so rushed vaccine, and it is a mandatory vaccine approved only for emergency use!

We don’t have trust problems, but the government and incomplete data on many recent things create the problem.

If the shots are for general use by the FDA, the manufacturers’ safe harbor protection must be removed, so the individuals can sue them if they experience some side effects.

The government asks the citizens to accept the vaccines without any legal protection. To say the vaccines are safe and effective on the one hand, but on the other hand, we have the manufacturers’ risk of financial ruin If the fact proves to be untrue.

If we faced this pandemic in 1968, we would have the same result, but now, people hate the government.
They have to do better and fight for our lives to be better.

I had to ask these questions!

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