It Could Be Over For The Clintons…For Real This Time…

They are hiding somewhere…

Bill and Hillary Clinton are doing their best to erase evidence against them. Well, truth always finds its way out. Justice finds its way out, too.

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Will victims of the Clinton family see justice at the end of the day?

Things may take a better turn in the near future.

We don’t have words to explain this… We don’t really know how the whole thing will turn out. One thing stands for sure… We have a real chance to shut down the Clinton family for good.

The whole thing is linked to Ghislaine Maxwell. It gets better than this…

Remember the documents Ghislaine tried to keep sealed? Her lawyers said these documents were so “salacious” that they would shock the world.

A lot of people said that these documents will implicate Bill in the Epstein scandal. What happened next? A judge ordered these documents to be unsealed.

We couldn’t wait for this to happen…

Conservative Brief confirmed that Judge Loretta Preska ruled on Thursday that files about Maxwell’s confidential affairs should be unlocked in the next couple of week. Judge Preska said that unsealing the files wouldn’t impede Maxwell’s right to a fair trial. The media was pretty loud about this.

These documents also have Maxwell’s legal efforts to squash requests from Virginia Roberts Giuffre to get her financial records. He sued Maxwell for defamation.

Giuffre’s lawyers demanded Maxwell provide a wide range of files including “funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation,” per court filings.

The judge ruled that the files related to Giuffre’s request for email accounts Maxwell also be unsealed. The potential revelations may implicate a great number of dominant individuals. This includes Prince Andrew of the British royal family and those with close relationship to Maxwell or Epstein.

We don’t know if Bill will be implicated in these files. Americans believe that these files are the “smoking gun” against the former President. Is this why Bill’s friend and former “lover” Ghislaine and her squad tried to keep the files sealed.

The fight will soon be brought to an end. We will see the final results in a few weeks. Americans are hoping for the best outcome. It’s time to put an end to the Clinton affair.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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