Israel Wants To Track Children – Cyber Security Experts Warn About Microchipping And Pedophiles

Are they serious about this?

This is not even a surprise. Israel’s government has discussed the idea of microchipping kids. Wonder why?

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I guess they want to track them. The government has come up with several excuses. They want to track kids when they fail to socially distance themselves from others.

Cyber security experts have warned that this idea is raising huge concerns in terms of morality and safety.

Cyber experts criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his idea. Netanyahu wants to “microchip” kids who return to schools and kindergartens as reported by Ynet.

During one of his press conferences, Netanyahu said the Health Ministry should use new technology to help the country adjust to the new routine.

“That is, technology that has not been used before and is allowed under the legislation we shall enact,” he clarified.

“I spoke with our heads of technology in order to find measures Israel is good at, such as sensors. For instance, every person, every kid – I want it on kids first – would have a sensor that would sound an alarm when you get too close, like the ones on cars,” the prime minister said.

“It will be hard to do it to more than a million schoolchildren who return to their educational institutions in order to ensure one student sits at the distance of two meters from another. It is fictional and dangerous,” cyber resilience expert Einat Meron told Ynet.

“Theoretically, I get the idea behind it,” she said. “But although such distance-sensitive microchips exist in vehicles, it is different in humans.” According to Meron, “a beeping sound telling me I got close to someone is not enough. Who says it will change anything? I would have gotten closer either way.”

The expert said that the actual problem is the enforcement.

Meron explained that microchipping kids won’t pass any tests.

Things can take a terrible turn.

“If the information with the kids’ location is uploaded to the internet, a pedophile with some cyber knowledge may invade the system and stalk them outside their schools, follow them and distribute the information on other platforms,” Meron said. “Can the state take responsibility for that?”

The Prime Minister’s Office took notice of this report, they said that Ynet Netanyahu’s suggestion “is not to be implemented through databases, but through simple technology notifying [the citizens] about their distance. It is a voluntary option that is designed to help children keep their distance, like Mobileye with vehicles.”

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Source: The Jerusalem Post

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