Israel Suggests It May Ignore Joe Biden On Iran, After Biden Ignores Netanyahu

Israel is expected to oppose Joe Biden’s ideas on Iran

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Ambassador Gilad Erdan revealed that Israel could go against “recommendations” related to the situation between Israel and Iran. Israel may oppose future plans of reviving the nuclear deal.

Biden’s campaign relied on several controversial topics, including the Iran deal. The regime was allowed to buy weapons after an entire decade. However, there were no provisions to prevent Iran’s nuclear program.

The administration claims that Iran must adhere to the deal, but there is enough room for compromise. Will Biden appoint left-wing pro-Obama adviser Robert Malley as Iran envoy?

This may force Israel to work on a different strategy as reported in Israel Hayom”

“Israel held out the possibility on Tuesday that it would not engage with US President Joe Biden on strategy regarding the Iranian nuclear program, urging tougher sanctions and a “credible military threat.”

“We will not be able to be part of such a process if the new administration returns to that deal,” Ambassador Gilad Erdan told Israel’s Army Radio.

“We think that if the United States returns to the same accord that it already withdrew from, all its leverage will be lost,” Erdan said.

The US President has yet to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time since taking oath in office. It is an unforgettable mistake and Biden is not doing us a favor. He sort of ignores the country’s most important ally in the Middle East.

Let’s not forget that Donald Trump called Netanyahu on his second day as president. Biden contacted Russia, China, and many other countries, leaving Israel behind.

The Israeli Prime minister is working on his tough re-election campaign. He did an attempt to downplay the snub Monday.

Biden did not stop here. His recent moves oppose or even punish the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab states that have melted the ice with Israel.

Israel planned using its military forces to strike Iran, but Barack Obama stopped the idea.

In 2018, Netanyahu revealed that Israel had obtained enough Iranian data to prove that the regime had worked on the development of a nuclear weapons program.

Former President Trump withdrew our country from the deal in May 2018.

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Source: www.reuters.com

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