ISIS Assassin Plotted To Kill President Bush, Biden DOJ & ABC News Whitewash Their Headlines

He will spend many years in prison

Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, 52, was charged for an alleged assassination plot targeting former US President George W. Bush. The Iraqi citizen resides in Ohio under a visitor visa and has also applied for asylum. His ties with ISIS contributed to this outcome.

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The Justice Department and ABC News describe the man as an “Ohio man” in their headlines about the federal charges. However, Shihab wasn’t really an Ohio man.

FBI agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Shihab a couple of days ago. He was charged for attempting to unlawfully introduce foreign nationals into our country. He was also charged for aiding and abetting the attempted murder of Bush.

Shihab first arrived in the US in September, 2020, under a visitor visa. He filed for asylum in March, 2021 and the request was pending at the time of the plot.

According to authorities, in August, 2021, Shihab thought he was in communication with another Iraqi citizen. He offered help, trying to get the man into the US for $40,000. Well, he was communicating with the Bureau.

The Iraqi citizen shared clear instructions on how to get the man into the US within 60 days. In October and December, Shihab received tens of thousands of dollars from the person he was “helping”.

That’s not all. Shihab also wanted to smuggle four other Iraqi citizens to help him kill Bush. The plan was triggered by the number of deaths that happened during “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

In February, 2022, officials say Shihab travelled to Dallas in order “to conduct surveillance of locations associated with the former President.”

Per the unsealed criminal complaint, “Shihab advised [Confidential Source 1] that former president Bush had a house and farm in Texas. Shihab twice inquired if CS1 knew what type and amount of security there was protecting former president Bush, as Shihab believed CS1 had connections in the Dallas area. Shihab asked if CS1 thought that four to six individuals were enough to kill former president Bush. CS1 stated that he/she did not know but believed former president Bush would have security.”

Shihab met with a group of people in a hotel in Columbus, Ohio, to get guns and Border Patrol uniforms.

If convicted, Shahib may spend up to 30 years in deferral prison.

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