Is This Even Constitutional? Biden Signs Order Mandating Race-Conscious Training, Hiring Throughout Govt.

Two federal judges told the Biden Department of Agriculture that its COVID-19 relief program directed mainly (or even exclusively) at helping colored-skin farmers over white equivalents is blatantly unconstitutional, and also a serious violation of civil rights statutes mandating equality.

Yet, as a result of the executive order, Joe Biden was given by his handlers on Friday, to be signed by him, the next round of race-based lawsuits could be in the offing.

According to a report by The Daily Caller, Biden “signed an executive order on Friday that ensures that every part of the federal government will conduct race-conscious diversity training and engage in race-conscious hiring.”

The site gives a further explanation:

“The executive order “establishes an ambitious, whole-of-government initiative that will take a systematic approach to embedding DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] in Federal hiring and employment practices,” according to a White House fact sheet. In practice, it will ensure that federal agencies employ tenets associated with Critical Race Theory (CRT) within their hiring practices and day-to-day activities.

CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth, and the adoption of race-based policies.

The executive order directs federal agencies to “develop strategic plans to eliminate any barriers to success faced by under-served employees.” This will be felt through federal hiring, which will prioritize “communities that have historically faced employment discrimination and professional barriers, including people of color, women, first-generation professionals and immigrants, individuals with disabilities, [and] LGBTQ+ individuals.”

Furthermore, the order singles out other groups to be given an advantage, when it comes to government hiring practices. They include “Americans who live in rural areas, older Americans who face age discrimination when seeking employment, parents, and caregivers who face employment barriers, people of faith who require religious accommodations at work, individuals who were formerly incarcerated, and veterans and military spouses.”

Specifically, the order mandates anti-white racism as taught via a curriculum similar to that presented recently to white male staffers at Sandia National Laboratories, one of the laboratories that work on assistance in developing and building our nuclear weapons.

The DC writes:

“During a three-day “White Men’s Caucus,” male employees were required to recite “white privilege” and “male privilege” statements, according to leaked documents reported on by Manhattan Institute fellow

Christopher Rufo. Trainers at the caucus told the participants that “white supremacists,” “KKK,” “Aryan Nation,” “MAGA hat,” “privileged” and “mass killings” were all associated with “white male culture.”

The Biden regime insists that this sort of anti-white training serves to “promote respectful and inclusive workplaces and… increase understanding of implicit and unconscious bias.”

But clearly, that’s BS: Some other studies have discovered that not only do that kind of programs don’t reach the stated objectives, but they also make race relations worse, in fact — and that may be the regime’s aim in the first place because keep in mind that these aren’t stupid people, just diabolical people.

The real truth is that we cannot continue to mistreat a class of citizens because of their race, without any doubt. It was a bad thing when it was done in the past, for sure, but the USA cannot survive as a multiethnic democratic republic by inciting race hate.



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