Is It All Over For Big Tech?

They are gone

The Big Tech is playing the wrong game. They try to control pretty much every bit of information. Yes, they go against the idea of building a free society. We deserve to live in a better country, but the Big Tech tries to shut down this opportunity.

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We are not even surprised. This is your daily reminder. You need to know the truth.

These companies have a terrible impact on society and this is their silent battle. It’s like the battle of censorship.

In terms of psychology, social media services are awful. They destroy our young people and try to condition society. Moreover, they are doing that in the worst way possible.

Most people are against business regulations. Big companies are tied to the government and they really want to gain full control over this country.

Here are more details:

The New York Post reported:

The House Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to require Big Tech platforms to sell lines of business they run on their platforms if they also compete against them, wrapping up two days of votes that saw the approval of four measures directly aimed at reining in the power of some of the country’s most successful companies.

The bill passed the committee on a vote of 21-20.

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), chair of the antitrust subcommittee, said the bill forcing Big Tech to choose between running a platform and competing on it was needed because the tech giants had not played fairly. “Google, Amazon and Apple each favor their own products in search results, giving themselves an unfair advantage over competitors,” he said.

Politico offered more:

The 3 p.m. vote on H.R. 3825 (117) — the Ending Platform Monopolies Act — came one day and five hours after the committee first began a marathon series of debates and votes on six bills targeting Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

The break-up bill was the most controversial part of the antitrust package, drawing opposition from four of the committee’s Democrats and only eking out approval on a 21-20 vote. The measure garnered yes votes from two Republicans: Reps. Ken Buck of Colorado and Matt Gaetz of Florida.

Democrat Cori Bush of Missouri — who originally opted to vote present — changed her vote to push the legislation through. Three other members present for the rest of the markup didn’t take part in the final vote: Democrats Lucy McBath of Georgia and Deborah Ross of North Carolina and Republican Burgess Owens of Utah, who had voted in favor of several of the other antitrust measures.

The antitrust push has triggered a huge lobbying fight by the tech companies and their trade groups against the proposals. It’s also split both the Democrats and Republicans, with members of both parties fighting for and against the legislation.

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