Is Charlie Shamp’s 2019 Prophecy About Kamala Harris About To Come To Pass?

Kamala Harris is not joking

So, here’s a post from March 2019. Some people didn’t even think that Harris would become Vice President of the United States one day. But, she did and she is actually trying to take Joe Biden’s position. He is like trying to tell everyone, “Hey, I’m your President,” but we know that’s not true. Biden is just a figure in the White House. He is a puppet manipulated by the far-left.

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First, check out the original article from 2019. Go through every single detail. Remember when you were told to “Bookmark it”? Well, they were right. Here we are today, reading it again.

Today seems like the perfect day to remember all the warnings America got over the years.

Charlie Shamp made a prophecy back in the days. As you may be guessing, it’s a really big deal. Shamp shared the video in March 2019, warning everyone that the LORD gave him a vision of Harris’ role in the country. He got a vision about the Vice President before she even got the job.

Most of you didn’t even know Harris. She was added to the ballot like a mysterious African-American woman (or something like) and people barely even know her. Harris was not even a dot on the radar. It was all about Democrats and Joe. But, Democrats actually put her in the White House to continue their narrative.

Harris wasn’t a successful politician. Her professional career was filled with failure. Well, Democrats thought she was the right person to become our Vice President. Biden himself is a failure, remember?

Old Joe couldn’t be Bernie without the fraud. The same goes for Harris. But, this lady wasn’t even running in 2019. She was a regular citizen with zero accomplishments.

That’s what makes Shamp’s video so ground-breaking. The man was telling the truth and some of you ignored him. Some said he was a lunatic.

Well, Shamp did his homework and they wouldn’t listen.

Decent Americans have been following Shamp for quite some time. We remember every single thing he said back in the days. He was right about Brett Kavanaugh before he was a big deal.

Here’s what Shamp said about our Vice President.

According to Shamp’s 2019 comments, Harris was getting ready for the presidential run in 2020, calling her the main rival of Donald Trump. However, Shamp did warn that Harris would be betrayed by people who gave her power at some point in the run. He also said that Harris will become aware of the situation. She will have a hard time accepting the truth. That’s not all. Shamp also said that Harris will have a chance to switch sides and expose corrupted Democrats.

Watch Shamp’s video and tell us what you think. The man has a few great ideas and some of his theories actually turned out right.

You can also watch the video on Rumble. In case YouTube takes it down.

When will Harris get the chance to expose the left? Will they force her to join the other side and destroy everything they’ve built over the years? Will we witness the biggest betrayal of this era?

Democrats would shred her to bits if they take this seriously. They would never let her spill their secrets and dirty mechanisms.

Shamp was the first to break the news, and we are here to share it with you. You were warned two years ago. Take this warning seriously.

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