Is Charlie Shamp’s 2019 Prophecy About Kamala Harris About To Come To Pass?

The prophecy you will read right now is from a guy named Charlie Shamp, and he’s a real deal.

This prophecy appeared in March 2019, and he said that LORD told him something linked to Kamala Harris and her future.

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At that time, we said, who? Who is Kamala Harris?

No one knew who Harris was at that time.

Also, similar to Biden, Harris was a failure until she was selected to be part of the elite as a VP.

However, Harris was a failure even during the race for President.

Precisely that is why Shamp’s video is exceptional.

We follow him for some time, and some things he said were very accurate in the past. The best part was about Brett Kavanaugh.

Shortly said, he spoke about Kamala Harris in 2019.

According to his prediction, Kamala Harris will run for President in 2020. Also, her primary opponent will be Trump. But, Kamala will experience a betrayal by the people who brought her there. She will be disappointed that the same thing they did to Trump happened to her. With her eyes open, Kamala will have the chance to join the opposing team and expose the corruption.

We won’t comment any further, and we advise you to watch the video!

We have a Rumble backup!

I have one question, is this about to come to pass?

From nobody to a VP, and now a President, will Shamp’s prophecy become a reality?

Did you hear the part where he says that Harris will have a choice once she faces betrayal?

Is the betrayal coming, and will Harris join the Republicans?

I have so many questions like, will Biden die?

The time will show what will happen, and we will see.

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