Is Biden’s Voice Being Automated?

Joe Biden can’t even make a move without his handlers

The so-called US President trusts his handlers a little too much. Well, it’s not like he has any other option or something like that. Creepy Joe always wears an earpiece and follows the instructions given by his handlers. Guess what… They didn’t stop here…

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In his latest press conference, Biden’s voice was super strange. A lot of people said that someone else was talking that day. Was this an automated voice? Did you notice the big cough followed by a few smaller ones?

We are not even surprised. Remember what happened a couple of months ago?

Twitter exploded:

Even Jimmy Fallon talked about it:

How far will Biden go just to keep his position in the White House? We will never know. This man has a new surprise for us every time he takes the stage. His handlers are too busy keeping him under control. We will have to get used to seeing this walking disaster make a mistake every time he opens his mouth.

Why would he even bother dealing with important topics? The situation at the border with Mexico is out of control. We are dealing with another variant, and Biden is here insisting that we should receive useless and DEADLY jabs. What about Kamala Harris? This lady made so many promises during her campaign. She is probably hiding somewhere. Biden and his wife don’t want her any near the White House. We’d gladly follow this development.

We have a suggestion, too. Handlers should use a dummy in press conferences. Biden is no good anyway. At least we won’t have to watch him stare at kids and women.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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