INTRIGUING: What Has Fallen From Biden’s Suitcase?

It is exciting to watch Biden trying to reach the top of Air Force One’s boarding stairs.

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No matter how many times we watch the video, we hold our breath and watch in anticipation, in the same way, we did when baseball was America’s Pastime!

We all are asking the same questions! Will he hit his face to the ground, or will he reach the top without any embarrassment?

I’m asking myself if Biden now, whenever he has to climb the stairs, recalls the image of falling three times in a row while climbing?

His latest trip happened on a rainy day when he was carrying an umbrella. Besides the umbrella, he had a satchel and climbed the stairs, but he wasn’t jogging this time!

We want to know why his staffers are giving him all these things.
How can a person hold a tiny satchel and an umbrella at the same time?

Really…it seems that Biden’s team expected his collapse every second!

This time, Biden just slipped a little bit, but he didn’t fall like a bag of hammers. I also want to know the point of the little handbag.

The entire video you will see below will make you laugh with tears! In the video, you will see how Biden climbs the stairs, but he is looking at what is coming out of his minor “bribe bag.”

We must confess before the fact-checker CNN comes after us! The video has been edited! So this is not something real, but it was too good not to be published.

I don’t want to end behind bars because I posted this video!

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