Instant Karma: Entire Georgetown Basketball Team Kneels During Anthem and Here Is How It Ended

Karma often needs much time, but sometimes, it hits hard and fast.

Last night, during a playoff game between Colorado University and Georgetown, Karma did a fantastic job!

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Namely, during the playing of the anthem, the entire Colorado team stood, but everyone on Georgetown took a knee.

Yet, not long afterward, Colorado beat Georgetown by a whopping 23-points and knocked the “woke” team right outta the playoffs!


Here is the report by The Post Millennial:

“The entire Colorado team remained standing during the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner.

The Georgetown team has taken a knee for the national anthem during past games, particularly after the Jan 6 riot at the United States Capitol. While the team did not state an explicit reason for kneeling, it could be related to the recent shooting spree in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, the historically well-regarded Georgetown team fumbled during the tournament game, losing to Colorado by 96-73. The loss caused Georgetown to be eliminated from the single-elimination tournament.

Georgetown fell behind Colorado at the beginning of the game and was never able to catch up.

Colorado will move on to play against Florida State University in the second round.”

Last night was a valuable lesson indeed.

These players should focus on practicing the game and enhancing their skills instead of political statements, and turning a college sport into “woke activism”!

Their humiliating defeat came as a result of their loss of focus.

Yet, now they will have all the time they need to kneel at home, while other teams keep playing and winning games.

Sad, but true!

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