INSANE: Biden’s Border Breaks Out Into Mass Chaos Today

A true madhouse- mostly adult-male migrants trying to bum-rush their way into Texas…

Things at the disastrous border get even worse!

Today, a large group of them arrived at the US border in Texas and kept trying to “bum-rush” the gates.

Right now, our country is in absolute shambles, as apart from the illegal aliens attempting to storm our borders, we have inflation soaring, small businesses closing, people losing their jobs, housing costs skyrocketing, confidence in the builders market plummeting, and the stock market is crashing.

Oh, they even claim that COVID cases are back on the rise.

This reminded me..are these people who are trying to illegally invade our country being tested for Covid?

If so, where’s that data?

Watch the video below:


If COVID cases are truly on the rise, I suggest looking to the 1 million+ illegal aliens that Biden is dropping off all over the US.

So, this has sense, right?

This might be the culprit, instead of millions among us who are leery about taking a vaccine that is operating under FDA “emergency approval” not time-tested routine FDA approved.

Don’t you agree?



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