‘Imperfect’: Gen. Flynn Says Raw ‘Authenticity’ Made Trump, Will Remake the Republican Party

The general claims that the Republican Party needs to retain the “authenticity” Trump had

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Gen. Michael Flynn stated:

 “Donald Trump was an authentic guy. I used to introduce him at rallies in the 2016 campaign as the most imperfect, and I’ll say that again, as the most imperfect candidate you’re ever going to vote for to be president of the United States.”


This jarring remark came as a surprise to all, as it is not antagonistic or hostile, but it comes from a loyal fixture in the early administration of former President Donald Trump.

Yet, it was not a mistake to point out the flaws of the former president- for Flynn had a point- and he intended to play it with the highs and the lows intact.

He continued:

“Donald Trump is not a perfect guy. He never said he was. What he is, is he’s tough. He’s not an establishment guy. He’s a Washington outsider.

And that’s what the American people wanted then, that’s what they wanted in 2020 and I believe in 2024, if we are able to have a free, fair, and transparent election.”

The comments came at the end of an hour-long Western Journal feature interview in which the general openly let loose on establishment Republicans for steering back into the status quo at the close of the Trump era.

With Democratic cannons trained on the GOP in light of a deadly Capitol Hill election fraud protest on Jan. 6, established members of the Congress unveiled their escape plan, ready to cut the Trump coalition anchors they had long ago deemed dead weight.

Among them was Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, whose rumored support for the second impeachment of Trump left fellow Republicans whispering behind closed doors for several days.

Many of them expected the House Republican Conference Chair to provide cover for their own vote to charge Trump.

After the high-dollar fundraiser announced in favor of the proceedings, others waded in behind her.

This decision only worsened Republican infighting, leading to a days-long quarrel between Cheney, freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and other anti-establishment caucus members.

After the initial fuss, impeachment had passed the House with 10 Republicans voting in favor, and both, Greene and Cheney, were not punished by the federal party.

Instead, the Democratic House majority stripped Greene’s committee assignments and strengthened Cheney’s position, as secret ballot saw the House GOP vote in favor of her continued leadership by a margin of 145-61.

Cheney said:

“We should not be embracing the former president. That is a person who does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward.”

Flynn mocked establishment figures for this type of behavior Tuesday, claiming that “the establishment is not a good place to be” in the coming 2022 and 2024 Republican primaries.

Flynn said:

“If you’re defined as an establishment candidate in the 2024 presidential election, I don’t believe that’s going to happen. I actually don’t believe it’s going to happen too much in the 2022 congressional elections. I mean, look at what they just did to Liz Cheney up in Wyoming, you know, for what she did. 

I think that the American people, like I said, I think they’re just absolutely tired of everything that they’ve seen in our political establishment. And so if you’re defined in the establishment, woe betide you in this next set of elections.”

A Jan. 15-17 Morning Consult poll of 4,400 GOP voters with a margin of error of +/-1 percentage points, showed that about 79 percent still supported President Trump in light of favorability dips resulting from the Jan. 6 incursion on the Capitol.

A Feb. 5-7 poll of 1,213 likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points from the left-wing Vox/Data for Progress, indicated that another 69 percent are “less likely to vote for a senator who convicts Trump.”

Flynn said:

“What I do know is what I’m hearing and what I’m listening to and what I’m watching from the American people is the American people are sick and tired of the political games and the political nonsense that we have faced.”

Record Republican turnout in the 2020 presidential election had handed the former President over 74 million votes, with thousands turning out for the incumbent’s famed campaign rallies, even during a pandemic.

According to Flynn, this loyal support was not a result of shrewd politicking or even policy success that expanded the Republican coalition, but it was due to “authenticity.”

With or without Trump, the Republican Party needs to retain this authenticity if it was to prevent a voter exodus.

Flynn said:

“Whether or not Trump will run in 2024, I have no idea. I will tell you that I’ve had many, many conversations in just the last couple of weeks — and certainly over the last couple of years, but certainly the last couple of weeks — about who’s next. You know, ‘Will he or she be viable to be the next president of the United States?’”

The general added:

“I’m going to tell you what. One of the things that Donald Trump gave the United States of America was authenticity. Donald Trump was an authentic guy.

People want authentic leadership and leaders do matter. And I do believe that going forward, they’re going to look for that authenticity in the people that they vote for.”

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You can watch the video here: VIDEO: ‘Imperfect’: Gen. Flynn Says Raw ‘Authenticity’ Made Trump, Will Remake the Republican Party

Source: www.westernjournal.com

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