Illinois Man Just Received Longest Prison Sentence Of Any BLM/Antifa Rioter, Ever

Put them in prison!

There’s a ray of hope for all the decent people living in the United States of America. People were forced to lock their doors and hide in their homes just because someone thought violence is the only way to get justice. Antifa warriors hit the streets to protest and destroy private properties. Black Lives Matter organized the “Summer of Love” and protested for three long months.

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The violent spree was brought to an end, but criminals are still out there, enjoying life.

Some of them didn’t have much luck though.

Matthew Rupert, Illinois, will spend the next 9 years of his life in a federal prison. As you may know, this is the longest sentence for a BLM/Antifa rioter. I guess Rupert got what he deserves.

The Star Tribune reported that the man was sentenced to nine years in federal prison for putting a cellphone store on fire. He committed the crime during the civil unrest in Minneapolis right after George Floyd’s death.

The 29-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of arson in April. He was sentenced in Minnesota US District Court to 105 months in federal prison. He will also have three years of supervised release for burning down a Sprint store. The information was confirmed by the US Attorney’s Office.

The young man drove 400+ miles to Minnesota to “engage in violence and destruction,” Acting U.S. Attorney Anders Folk said in the release.

“Peaceful protest was not on his agenda.”

Rupert was the first to be held accountable for the violent riots. First, he was charged with counts of civil disorder and riot. However, the US Attorney’s Office dropped all but the arson charge. It was part of the plea agreement.

The man hung himself with the livestream he did on his way to Minneapolis last summer. He also filmed part of his crime.

In another plea hearing, Rupert said he traveled to Minneapolis on May 28 after the initial protest broke. He even invited “goons” to join him.

Watch the video:

Domestic terrorists belong to prison and Rupert got what he deserves.

We were forced to stay home and watch our cities burn. Our properties were destroyed and Democrats did nothing to protect our homes and businesses.

Remember when Mad Max joined protesters?

Nancy Pelosi and her buddies are “disgusted” by the “insurrection,” but they haven’t said a word about the unarmed Trump supporter who died that day. Ashli Babbitt was killed and her body was cremated.

We are so sick of these double standards! At least Rupert is in Prison.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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