If You Want The “Truth” About Joe Biden, Look What Happened To His Facebook Post

Joe, does this say something about you?

We have been hearing one lie numerous times: Joe Biden is the most beloved politician in U.S. history.
He was so popular that he outshined Trump and Obama movements.

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Yes, the politician who hasn’t done anything about the U.S. and hasn’t inspired anyone who cannot make one sentence right received more votes than Trump and Obama!

If a person has 1g of brain, they won’t believe in this LIE! It is absurd!

However, the Dems don’t care, and 2020 was an election that had an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots that flooded the system. That absurd push-back is very suspicious. Also, they keep putting out these polls that say Biden has excellent ratings.


The most exciting thing is that people who support Biden and love him so much cannot be found. None of them watches Biden on TV, and they don’t follow his press conferences online. Furthermore, they aren’t even real on social media.

What can we conclude from this?

The politician that the media present as historically the most popular and beloved president doesn’t have a massive foundation of supporters besides his ‘’high’’ ratings.

However, the only proof that we have about his dizzy high ratings is the controversial election that 53% of Republicans and a considerable amount of all Americans think he won the election with fraud!

Nevertheless, Biden and Kamala were like the Two Stooges on the world stage, where everything is ruining.
Biden didn’t write a single tweet on his own! A huge team of handlers helps him!

He can barely read from his teleprompter.

Recently there was one Facebook post that he shared, commemorating his first one-hundred days.

‘’ Inflation isn’t “back on track,” by the way….’’

Take a look at the post.

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Source: waynedupree.com

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