If You Thought The Video Exposing Fauci, With 3M Views Was Bad, Things Just Got Much Worse For Him

Send him to jail!

Fraudci is not an expert. Joe Biden trusts him just because he is a criminal.

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Rand Paul wasn’t having any of this. He brought Fauci to his knees for a reason. Paul promised to expose the gang and their little “job” at the Wuhan lab.

Tucker Carlson and Steve Hilton had their role, too.

Far-left outlets still say that Fauci is the real expert. The mainstream media praises his great effort.

Project Veritas has a surprise for them all. They have a bombshell video about Fauci. He didn’t see it coming…

Have you ever heard of the Gain of Function research? Project Veritas has some nice documents about it…

Believe it or not, Fauci lied to Congress.

As you may be guessing, Twitter suspended Project Veritas employee Erick Spracklen and the “Expose Fauci” account.

We have already seen this one…

Dr. Malone has a response, too.

The GOP House Oversight Committee released emails showing that Fauci probably concealed info about Wuhan leaks.

We are not even surprised…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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