If The Vaccine Is So Safe, Why Are High Level FDA Vaccine Regulators Resigning?

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Resignations happen here and there, and there’s nothing strange about it. However, two senior level vaccine regulators at The FDA resigned right after the FDA approved the Pfizer jab.

Did these two leave their job position because they had ethical problems with the mass immunization? Maybe these two didn’t want to be part of the situation.

Reports suggest that regulators had issues with the current booster policies and efforts for people to get the jab without previous research.

Sources reveal that both regulators worked at the FDA for some time. Why did they leave the agency at this point?

The Epoch Times reported this:

According to a memo that was sent by Peter Marks, the head of FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) that oversees OVRR, and obtained by The Epoch Times, Gruber is leaving on Oct. 31. Krause is leaving sometime in November, the memo said.

Marks said in the memo that he would serve as the OVRR’s acting director while the FDA carries out a search for who should lead the division.

The memo did not provide a reason for why Gruber and Krause are leaving.

A LinkedIn profile for Gruber shows she worked for the FDA for 32 years and served as the OVRR’s director for about a decade. Krause, meanwhile, has worked for the FDA for about 11 years, according to his profile.

CNBC added more:

Endpoints News, a biotech industry publication, reported that the officials are leaving because they’re frustrated that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its advisory committee are involved in decisions they think should be up to the FDA.

The final straw was when the White House got ahead of the agency on booster shots, according to Endpoints News, citing a former senior FDA leader.

When asked at a briefing later Tuesday whether the departures will affect trust in the FDA, White House Covid czar Jeff Zients said the decision to distribute boosters was made by a number of senior health officials, including acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Janet Woodcock. 

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