If Mitch Thought He’d Be Senate Leader, What He Just Said Sealed His Fate…He’s MUST Go

No one likes Mitch McConnell!

But, conservatives praised him for pushing judges through. But that’s his job, and it is the least he can do for the Americans. He’s a globalist, and his main concern is the Uni-Party ruled by the Democrats. The Dems control him, so he has to do their bidding.

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Mitch threw a bone to the Americans, shoving judges, but he is a person who has taken a vow to stop all things MAGA.

Take a look at what he said today; he sealed his fate with this comment on Ukraine.

Americans face high inflation, empty shelves at the grocery stores, a lack of baby formula, open borders, high crimes, skyrocketing gas prices, etc., but the Uni-Party sends $40 billion to Ukraine.

McConnell said that what’s happening in Ukraine is the most important thing in the world right now.

Bryan Wright, a former CIA official, called McConnell out on Twitter.

One thing brought down the GOP poll numbers, and that’s Ukraine. A lot of money was sent to Ukraine while the Americans were starving and trying to survive.

We have had enough! We are worried about other countries’ borders while they invade ours.

America has to pay attention to what’s happening at home; that’s the most important thing!

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