Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Is A VERY Connected Man

You have got to be kidding me!

This right here is proof positive that we are now no better than any number of banana dictatorships in South America.

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Hunter Biden’s lawyer is a man who is very well connected to a white collar crimes official in his father’s administration.

I know that everyone has the right to seek whatever legal counsel they see fit, but come on……The President’s son cannot be under investigation, and then use lawyers tied to the administration DOJ.

How can we seriously expect a fair investigation when your lawyer is chummy with the very people supposed to be conducting the investigation, and your father is running the show?

Take a look:

The Red State Observer had more on the story: 

In the Swamp, there are no coincidences.

The Biden administration tapped an official to work in the white collar crimes division of the Department of Justice that is directly linked to a Hunter Biden lawyer.

The official’s selection was announced shortly after the Biden inauguration.

“Nicholas McQuaid, a former federal prosecutor in Manhattan who served as a White House lawyer during the Obama presidency, has been named the acting leader of the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal division,” the announcement said. It explained it is “a role that will come with oversight of the Biden administration’s early white-collar enforcement efforts.”

Axios had more details:

At Latham, Clark worked on multiple cases with Nicholas McQuaid, another partner in the firm’s white-collar defense and investigations practice who is now leading DOJ’s criminal division.

The two were jointly representing at least one Latham client when McQuaid was tapped for his new Justice Department job on Jan. 20.

Clark is based out of Latham’s New York office, according to the firm’s website. In December, Hunter Biden was reportedly exploring additional legal representation in Delaware.

Clark did not respond to inquiries. There’s also no indication McQuaid did any work on the Hunter Biden case.

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