Hundreds of Texans Suffer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Efforts to Stay Warm During Winter Storm

Texas officials have confirmed hundreds of cases of carbon monoxide poisoning

Texans try to stay warm with the help of their running vehicles and wood fires. Houston Police confirmed the death of a woman and a child who used a running vehicle in the garage to stay warm. Families burned charcoal indoors to stay warm as confirmed by police officers.

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Texas officials delivered multiple messages on social media, television, and radio, but these messages didn’t get to those without power.

Houston Chronicle informed that firefighters and hospitals in Harris County reported more than 300 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily, there weren’t any deaths.


Texas State Representative James Talarico (D-Roundrock) took to social media to deliver a shocking update. According to him, people burned their furniture to stay warm. Some of them even melted snow for water.

Authorities have yet to release official figures of casualties or deaths.

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Source: Breitbart

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