Humans On The Verge Of An NWO Currency! [WATCH]

The Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) have recently become the new talking point because they have mentioned the new global currency system.

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Zero Hedge broke the news and exposed everything about the Democrat’s proposed 650 Billion Dollar flooding of the IMF with SDRs funds.

Russia and Ukraine conflict isn’t only a money laundering operation, but it represents a linchpin to transfer the global economy out of the money printing of Central Banks to the hands of the globalists who control the IMF.

“Each new crisis brings global banks closer to their goal; the introduction of national digital currencies and the SDR basket becoming the defacto reserve trading tool for the world.”

”Why do Democrats specifically want aid denominated in SDRs? Because funding allocations in the US have already hit their maximum, and new funding bills are being defeated in the Senate. At the IMF, there are no checks and balances. They can ask for almost any amount of money in the form of SDRs without oversight. There are always strings attached when it comes to the IMF, and in exchange for SDRs, the globalists will certainly want more centralized control.”


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