HUGE: The Tiger Woods’s Unseen Investigation Turn!

Tiger Woods’ car crash is making headlines again

Woods has been through a lot lately. He missed many games and championships. What happened next? Authorities are doing their thing. Again. It’s the silliest of all moves.

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The police is asking for a search warrant to examine Woods’ SUV. So, it looks like they are trying really hard to find SOMETHING. One thing stands for sure. They are doing this just because Woods is a close friend of Donald Trump. Yes, Woods is not really a fan of Joe Biden.

Woods got involved in a car crash on February 23 in Southern California. The legend lost control over the 2021 Genesis GV80 and we don’t even know what happened out there. Woods crossed two road lanes and the median and his SUV crashed at the side of the road. He suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

It’s been two weeks after the accident, and authorities are trying to get a search warrant to get the electronic “black box” from Woods’ SUV. They are trying to determine if Woods committed a crime.

“We’re trying to determine if a crime was committed,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy John Schloegl stated for the USA Today. “If somebody is involved in a traffic collision, we’ve got to reconstruct the traffic collision. If there was any reckless driving if somebody was on their cell phone or something like that. If there was no crime, we close out the case, and it was a regular traffic collision.”

Traffic investigators have yet to confirm the reason for the crash.

Democrats go after pretty much every Trump supporter out there regardless of their status and profession.

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Source: The True Defender

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