Huge Revelation: What Was Written In Biden’s Notes That Distracted Him During The Entire Press Conference?

The entire truth will surface!

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You will never guess what was written inside Biden’s notebook, not even in your wildest dreams!

Biden, the old senile U.S. President, failed to answer all the questions at the press conference, even though all the questions were a setup. In his notes were written all the answers that he was supposed to read at the press conference. It is unfair at all!

Everything was a scene!

There isn’t any wonder why the conservative reporters weren’t at the press! The Biden administration wanted Biden’s first solo press conference to pass smoothly without any incidents and unwanted questions.

After the conference, we can conclude that Biden and his administration improved America! It looks like we don’t have any problems now since he is our country’s leader.

This situation is far from being the truth.

Pay attention to the pictures below, and you will understand everything! See want was inside his notes.

See closer:

From the video, you can notice how distracted he is!  Biden was reading the previously prepared reporters’ names to give proper answers to their questions.

Biden’s behavior pissed everyone! Below you can read some of the top comments.

What will you say now?

Have you shaped your opinion yet?

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