HUGE: President Trump Found On ANTIFA’s Assassination “Hit List” !!!

Donald Trump has the support of many professionals and experts

Stew Peters has something to say… This man has the deepest canals in the world.

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Here’s the story of the Polish doctor who found egg-hatching parasites inside jabs.

Now this man has a story about terrors that happen within the Antifa organization. His big source was close to the organization because he was infiltrated in their lines. The man monitored Antifa’s internal communications.

We give you “The 250 Misanthropes.” Sounds weird? The original was written in German.

This is a hit-list and it has the names of the people the German Antifa wants dead.

Here’s part of the emails:

Quote: “This is the list of the 250 biggest misanthropes. I’ll tell you honestly: For many of them, only a removal would actually help. That’s what you do with dangerous animals that get too close to settlements. These people are much more dangerous than any animals. Tens of thousands more people will die because of their propaganda. Would it really be a crime to take out 250 people to save tens of thousands? Of course, this is a purely hypothetical question, because I don’t want to push anyone to do anything, because that would be punishable by law. But how many people would not have died in World War II if the 250 worst Nazis had been taken out in time? In the coming weeks and months, however, these people will realize that you can cause them big problems even without physical violence. All it takes is a notebook.”

There are 250 names of public figures in Germany.

“Internationally there are also a few dangerous corona deniers who should not remain unmentioned. But they are difficult to eliminate from Germany. Here are just a few of them.” The list has the names of 21 people, including Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr., Ron DeSantis, Tucker Carlson, Chet Hanks, Nicki Minaj, Rand Paul, and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. You can also read the name of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. Americans would never say Doug Ducey is a dangerous. Germans have a different story to tell.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation would never take into consideration anything like this. They will just push the whole thing under the rug.

The video is available here.

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Source: The True Defender

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