HUGE: ABC News In 30 Seconds Told The Truth About Joe Biden!

Something weird is going on!

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At this moment, something is occurring over ABC. It is the only medium that holds Biden’s shaky old feet to the fire.

First, they called Biden to react and do something regarding the southern border crisis, and now they are going after “President” Biden on something much more complex.

ABC News raised its voice and declared that Biden has been lying to us the entire time!

Remember when Biden said he would be a “unifier” and a moderate? Also, can you recall the moment when he said that he would collaborate with the Republican Party? Biden promised that he would be the bridge between the Dems and Republicans.

Now, after a couple of months have passed since Biden is the U.S. President, ABC shared that he is nothing from what he said he would be.

Besides, Biden is forcing his radical plan, and he is trying to enlarge government in ways we haven’t witnessed since LBJ.

However, we present you one short video of 30 seconds, where one journalist shares the truth about our “President” Biden!

As we mentioned before, something is happening on the ABC! Perhaps they are preparing the stage for Kamala Harris or something else; time will show.

Moreover, it isn’t logical for ABC to prepare the table for Harris because we know that her agenda would be worse than Biden!

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