How Trump Reacted To Biden’s First Solo Press Conference? [VIDEO]

I can feel Biden’s shame from here…

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Have you ever been sorry for someone that is humiliated but doesn’t understand it and acts like everything is ok?
Well, that is precisely how I feel for Biden.

Our current President held his first solo press conference after 64 days. He holds the record of hiding from the reporters in the last 100 years!

We were all expecting a very well-prepared press conference, prepared Biden who will answer all the reporters’ questions.
But he did an excellent acting performance! Biden should receive a Nobel-prize for his speech.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Biden’s case! He wasn’t well prepared, but it was a good idea.

Donald Trump saw Biden’s press conference. Can you guess his reaction?

“Nobody’s ever seen anything like it,”- he said.

“Well, there were strange questions, and they were asked in a very interesting way,”
“It was like soft balls. Like you were throwing soft balls up. And it’s just a different world.”- Trump added.

“ You know it better than anybody. You cover it so well. It’s very sad to watch, actually.” “Actually, they’re feeding him questions,” –stated Trump.

Former President Trump concluded: “They’re easy questions. I noticed Peter Doocey didn’t get to ask a question today. And there could be no difficult questions, and they’re ready to rip the microphone away if somebody did get a little bit testy.”

All the photos that emerged from the press conference confirmed that Biden wasn’t holding a press conference.

He read the names of particular journalists, they asked previously prepared questions, and our President read the answers.

Watch the video below, and then check the link.

EXPOSED: Now We Know What Was On Notes Joe Biden Kept Looking At During His First Press Conference

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