How Much Money Will Go For The Fight Against The Virus From Biden’s COVID Relief Bill?? What The Rest Is For??

The COVID relief bill passed the Senate, but do you know for what those $1.9 trillion are?

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On a radio program, Glenn Beck shared all the details from the COVID relief bill.

Firstly, the money dedicated to fighting against the virus, including vaccines, their distribution, and various public health measures, is only 9%.

Secondly, $350 billion are for bailing out state and local government.

Thirdly, $270 million go to the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.
An additional $200 million will serve the Institute of Museum and Library Services. And, $50 million are for environmental issues in minority and low-income citizens.

Lastly, $50 million will serve for family planning, Planned Parenthood. PolitiFact shared this information.

Moreover, numerous Americans are waiting for their $1,400 checks. But, Glenn and Stu Burguiere speak that this bill isn’t providing any ease for the Americans, and it isn’t any cure to the economic crisis.

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