HORRIFIC IMAGES: Body Of Dead Afghan Found In Landing Gear Of US Air C-17 Transport Plane– Video Shows Afghans Sitting On Landing Gear Before Takeoff, Falling From Sky, Stuck In Plane

Image straight from hell…

Afghans got so desperate after the Taliban took over Kabul that they tried to board US Air C-17 aircraft. Hundreds Afghans invaded the airport in an effort to get a seat in the last commercial flights from Afghanistan. Some of them tried to climb on planes to leave the country before it is too late. Unfortunately, it is too late for everyone living in the country.

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Some of the men tried to jump on the plane and guess what… Two fell right after takeoff. The number of deaths goes up. US forces found the body of a dead Afghan. The man was found stuck in the landing gear of the US Air C-17 aircraft that was taking Afghans out of the Kabul International Airport in the last two days.

Afghan men fell to death after tying themselves to the landing gear before takeoff.

There’s also a video of the man who got stuck in the landing gear.

WARNING: Graphic content.

Business Insider has more details:

The body of a dead Afghan citizen was found in the landing gear of a US Air C-17 plane shortly after it took off from Kabul airport, according to US media reports.

Three US officials told the Washington Post that after leaving Kabul International Airport on Monday the plane’s landing gear would not go up. Upon investigation, US personnel found the person’s body in the plane’s wheel well.

Politico later confirmed the Post’s report, citing two sources.

There were scenes of chaos at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday, after the Taliban seized the Afghan capital and retook power in a lightning-speed offensive.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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